Johannes Huth studied Jazz and double bass at the College for Music and Performing Arts in Hamburg. Since 1998 he has performed with Efim Jourist, Etta Scollo, Ulrich Tukur and Dominique Horwitz. He has worked at the Staatsschauspiel Hannover and the Deutsche Schauspielhaus Hamburg in different Music-Theatre-Productions. Beyond that he played with numerous American Soloists, e.g. Charles Davis, Don Benett, Anthony Braxton, Theo Travis, Charles Owens. Since 2004 Johannes Huth has been the bass player for the European „Original Glenn Miller Orchestra“. Since 2007 he has been at the College for Music and Performing Arts in Hamburg and the Hamburg Conservatory.

With his own trio „feldneun“ he released a cd in summer 2006 with compositions for double bass, trumpet and laptop. In 2007 he was the musical director for the production „Endstation Sehnsucht“ at the St. Pauli Theatre Hamburg.

After the death of Efim Jourist in 2007 Johannes Huth became the musical director of the “Jourist Quartett”, playing big international Festivals like the Schleswig-Holstein-Musik-Festival, Meraner Festwochen, and the Rheingau-Festival.
Since September 2008 Johannes Huth has been the conductor of the “Fishhead Horns Big Band”.