Olaf Koep started to play drumset in early age and took lessons with Sönke Hermannsen at the Rendsburg Music-School. Soon he was not only playing in different jazz and rockgroups but also in the “Symphony Youth Orchestra of Schleswig-Holstein”. Having finished school he began his studies at the College of Music and Performing Arts with Prof. Joachim Winkler and in the beginning of the century changed to Lübeck where he studied with Massimo Drechsler (Hamburg Stateoper) und Olaf Kirchhoff (Lübeck Philharmonic). During this time Olaf Koep also worked for the following orchestras: Hamburg Stateopera, Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, Radio Symphony Orchestra Prague and the Hamburg Camerata. Masterclasses with L.H. Stevens und Prof. Peter Sadlo in Salzburg and Weimar and two practical courses in the orchestras of Bremerhaven und Lübeck completed his education.

During his years in college Olaf was also highly interested in Non-European percussion instruments, like the West African Djembé, the Arabic Darabuka, the Berimbao from Brasil, the Mbira from Zimbabwe und the Irish Bodhran. All of these instruments, including the Tablas, Olaf mainly tought himself. Today he is playing in the Irish folk rock group „Glenfiddle“ touring successfully in Germany and abroad. Beyond that he is working for the orchestra in Bremerhaven, the Theatre Lübeck, the Thalia Theatre Hamburg, the Ernst-Deutsch Theatre, the Schleswig-Holstein-Musik-Festival and the Percussion Ensemble Elbtonal.